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binary star two stars orbiting around a common center of gravity and often appearing as one to the unaided sight or through a telescope; double star.
diageotropic of, relating to, or being a plant organ that grows at a right angle to the line of gravity.
diageotropism the tendency of certain plant organs to grow at a right angle to the line of gravity.
eclipsing binary two stars that orbit a common center of gravity and periodically move in front of each other, causing a fluctuating magnitude.
escape velocity the minimum speed by which an object can become free from the field of gravity of a planet, star, or the like.
g3 abbreviation of "gravity," or "gravities," the force by which a planet or other such body tends to draw objects toward its center.
galaxy a system of billions of stars and other matter held relatively close to each other by gravity and separated from other such systems by vast distances. [1/3 definitions]
geotropism movement or growth of a living organism in response to gravity, such as the downward growth of plant roots.
gravimeter a device for measuring the specific gravity of a solid or liquid. [1/2 definitions]
gravitate to move toward or be attracted to something by or as if by a force of gravity.
hydrometer an instrument, usu. a sealed glass tube containing a graduated scale and weighted at one end, used to measure the specific gravity of liquids.
Isaac Newton an English philosopher and mathematician who formulated the laws of gravity (b.1642--d.1727).
levitate to rise and float, apparently without hindrance from the force of gravity. [1/2 definitions]
pendulum a weight suspended on a long cord, wire, or lever so as to swing back and forth under the influence of gravity.
power dive a steep downward plunge of an aircraft such as a fighter plane that is accelerated by engine power as well as gravity.
roller coaster an amusement park ride in which a small, gravity-propelled train of open cars rides rapidly up and down a curving, winding, track built on trestles.
solemn profound because of great seriousness or gravity, or because attended by high ceremony. [1/3 definitions]
solemnize to perform with dignity and gravity, as required by ritual or other convention. [1/3 definitions]
terminal velocity the highest speed reached by a falling object, when the forces of gravity and air resistance are in equilibrium.
tropism in biology, the turning or growth of an organ or organism toward or away from an external stimulus such as light, gravity, or nutrients.
weight in physics, the force with which an object is attracted to the Earth or another celestial body, which is equal to the object's mass multiplied by the acceleration due to gravity. [1/12 definitions]