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carbon footprint the total amount of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases produced by a single person, organization, product, or process.
conservatory a greenhouse, esp. one for displaying plants. [1/3 definitions]
floriculture the cultivation of flowers and flowering plants, esp. for sale, as in a commercial greenhouse.
global warming an increase in global temperatures believed to be caused in part by the greenhouse effect.
greenhouse gas any atmospheric gas that absorbs and emits radiant energy and contributes to the greenhouse effect.
microclimate the climate of a small, specific, or partial area rather than that of the whole, as of a city or greenhouse. (Cf. macroclimate.)
pinery a place, such as a plantation or greenhouse, in which pineapples are grown. [1/2 definitions]
vinery an area or greenhouse where vines, esp. grapevines, are grown. [1/2 definitions]