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glad-hand (informal) to greet in a hearty but insincere manner.
greeting words or gestures used to greet or to convey a message of friendliness or respect. [1/2 definitions]
hail1 to salute or greet. [2/7 definitions]
hostess a woman employed by a restaurant, airline, or the like to greet or serve customers. [1/3 definitions]
hurrah to greet or encourage with cheers, as of "hurrah". [1/4 definitions]
receive to greet or react to in a particular manner. [1/10 definitions]
receiving line hosts and guests of honor who stand in a row to greet guests at formal gatherings, esp. weddings and receptions.
receptionist an office worker employed primarily to greet visitors, screen telephone calls, and answer routine questions.
salaam to greet with a salaam. [1/3 definitions]
salute to greet with an expression of respect, courtesy, or good will. [2/7 definitions]
to roll out the red carpet to greet in grand or impressive style.