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ahoy a greeting to attract attention or hail a ship.
ave the expression "ave" of greeting or farewell. [1/4 definitions]
bonsoir (French) good evening (used as a greeting or farewell).
bow1 to bend the head or the upper part of the body forward in greeting, acknowledgment, consent, submission, or the like. [2/8 definitions]
card1 a small piece of thick paper used for messages, such as a greeting card or postal card. [1/4 definitions]
ciao (Italian) used as an expression of greeting or farewell.
clap to strike (a person) lightly or sportively with an open hand, as a gesture of greeting or approval. [1/11 definitions]
compliment (pl.) a formal greeting or expression of regard. [1/5 definitions]
dear (cap.) used as a conventional greeting that opens a letter. [1/9 definitions]
doff to tip or remove (one's hat) in greeting or acknowledgment. [1/3 definitions]
glad hand (informal) a hearty but often insincere or hypocritical welcome, greeting, reception, or the like.
good day used as expression of greeting or farewell in the daytime.
good morning used as an expression of greeting or farewell in the morning.
hail1 to call out, as a greeting, signal, or means of identification, esp. to a passing ship. [2/7 definitions]
hallo used as a greeting, esp. from a distance, or to catch someone's attention. [1/6 definitions]
handshake the clasping and shaking of hands between two people as in greeting, congratulation, or leave-taking.
hello used as a greeting, exclamation of surprise, or call for attention. [2 definitions]
howdy hello; how are you (an expression of greeting).
nod to move the head up and down as an indication of assent, greeting, or approval. [2/7 definitions]
salutation a gesture or expression of greeting or courtesy, such as a handshake. [2 definitions]
salute an act or instance of greeting or honoring with an expression of good will, welcome, or respect. [1/7 definitions]