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bag to hang loosely. [1/11 definitions]
blouse to hang or puff out loosely. [1/4 definitions]
dangle to hang loosely, esp. with a swinging motion. [2/3 definitions]
drape to adorn or cover with a fabric, esp. so as to hang in attractive folds. [3/6 definitions]
droop to hang or sink down; bend limply. [1/4 definitions]
fall to hang down. [1/19 definitions]
gambrel a wood or metal frame, used by butchers to hang carcasses. [1/2 definitions]
halter1 a rope with a noose used to hang a condemned person; hangman's noose. [1/5 definitions]
hangable combined form of hang.
hanger a frame with a hook at the top, usu. made of wire, wood, or plastic, and shaped so that one may hang clothes over it for storage. [2/3 definitions]
hook to hold, hang, secure, or pull with or as with a hook. [1/19 definitions]
hung a past tense and past participle of hang.
loll to hang down loosely; droop; dangle. [2/3 definitions]
lop2 to droop or be suspended loosely; hang down. [1/5 definitions]
overhang to hang above, as a cloud or danger. [1/5 definitions]
Peg-Board trademark for a board with holes into which pegs or hooks are placed, used to hang tools or the like for storage or display.
pend to hang. [1/2 definitions]
pierced of earrings, designed so as to hang from a wire that passes through a pierced ear. [1/3 definitions]
placard a poster, sign, or notice made to hang or be shown publicly. [2/3 definitions]
ponytail a hair style in which all the hair is drawn up and tied at the back so that the ends hang free.
pothook a hook used to hang a pot or kettle over a fire, or a rod with a hook used to lift hot pots, irons, or the like, from a stove top or fire. [1/2 definitions]