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accord balanced interrelationship; agreement; harmony. [2/6 definitions]
agreement the act of reaching, or the state of having reached, a common understanding or harmony of opinion. [2/5 definitions]
at odds not in agreement; out of harmony.
at one in a state of harmony or accord.
atonement (cap.) in Christianity, the bringing into harmony of God and man through Jesus Christ's life and sacrifice. [1/3 definitions]
balanced not going too far in the direction of any extreme so that rationality, harmony, or stability is achieved; keeping to proper proportions.
concord a state of agreement or harmony between persons or things. [1/3 definitions]
concordance a state of agreement or harmony; concord. [1/2 definitions]
concordant being in agreement or harmony.
conform to bring into compliance or harmony. [1/4 definitions]
conformable in conformance or harmony; similar; corresponding. [1/2 definitions]
consonance agreement, correspondence, or harmony. [1/3 definitions]
discord lack of agreement or harmony among persons or things; disagreement; conflict. [1/3 definitions]
disharmony lack of harmony; discord.
dissonance lack of harmony; discord, esp. of musical sounds. [1/2 definitions]
dissonant not in harmony; discordant. [1/2 definitions]
feng shui the Chinese art of creating harmony in one's environment through placement of objects in a building or in space generally such that the natural flow and balance of chi, or vital energy, is maintained.
grace beauty, harmony, or charm in bearing, appearance, or motion. [3/10 definitions]
grace note a note in music that is essential neither to the harmony nor the melody but rather is added for ornamentation.
groove (slang) to have pleasure, or feel in harmony. [1/7 definitions]
harmonic in music, related to harmony. [2/3 definitions]