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breeching the part of a draft horse's harness that passes behind its hindquarters.
bridle the part of a horse harness that includes the bit and reins and is used to guide or control. [1/5 definitions]
caparison decorative trappings to cover a horse's saddle or harness. [1/4 definitions]
checkrein a short rein hooked on to a horse's saddle or harness, or to another horse in a team, preventing the horse from lowering or tossing its head.
crupper a leather strap that is looped around the base of a horse's tail and attached to a harness or riding saddle to keep it from sliding forward. [1/2 definitions]
hame either of two curved wooden or metal pieces of a harness collar that fit on either side of a draft animal's neck and to which the traces are attached.
hang glider a large kitelike apparatus used for sailing in the air, usu. with a harness and handle for one person.
harness to put a harness on (an animal). [1/5 definitions]
headgear the part of a horse's harness that secures the head. [1/2 definitions]
headstall the part of a bridle or harness that fits over a horse's head.
martingale a harness strap between the girth and noseband that restrains a horse from throwing its head back. [1/2 definitions]
pacer a horse that paces in harness racing. [1/2 definitions]
raceway a racetrack, as for drag racing or harness racing. [1/2 definitions]
saddle something resembling a saddle in use or position on an animal's back, such as a harness used to put a load on a pack animal. [1/9 definitions]
safety belt a protective harness that fits across the lap and often the chest of a passenger or operator of an automobile, airplane, or the like; seat belt. [2 definitions]
seat belt a safety strap or harness, attached to airplane and automobile seats, that fastens across the waist or over the shoulder as protection against sudden stops or collision; safety belt.
shroud any of the cords linking the canopy of a parachute to the harness. [1/6 definitions]
singletree a wooden bar that connects a wagon, plow, or the like to an animal's harness; whiffletree.
standardbred (often cap.) one of an American breed of horses developed from the Thoroughbred for use in harness racing.
sulky a light horse-drawn carriage with two wheels that is made to carry one person, used esp. in harness racing. [1/4 definitions]
tame to harness the power or strength of. [1/7 definitions]