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buntline one of the ropes used to haul up a square sail for securing it to the mast.
clew in nautical terminology, to haul (a sail) up or down by ropes running through the clews. [1/7 definitions]
clew up in nautical terminology, to haul (a sail) up by ropes running through the clews.
coaler a ship or freight train used to haul coal.
Conestoga wagon a large heavy covered wagon with broad wheels, used by early U.S. pioneers to haul their freight and household goods.
dinkey a small locomotive, used in a railroad yard to shift or haul cars.
drag to pull along with force (often partly on the ground); haul. [1/13 definitions]
dray to haul by means of a dray. [1/3 definitions]
go-devil a sled used to haul logs, stones, or the like. [1/4 definitions]
hale2 to force to go, as by pulling or dragging; haul.
hoist to lift or haul up, esp. by mechanical means. [1/3 definitions]
rigging equipment used to lift, haul, support, or work something, such as stage sets. [1/2 definitions]
schlep (slang) to carry with effort; lug; haul. [1/4 definitions]
snake to drag or haul, esp. by a chain or rope. [1/6 definitions]
team to haul by using a team. [1/7 definitions]
tow1 to pull along at the end of a rope, chain, or the like; haul. [1/4 definitions]
tug to move by pulling strongly or forcibly; drag; haul. [2/9 definitions]