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biddy1 a hen or young chicken.
cackle to make the sharp, broken cry of a hen. [2/5 definitions]
chuckle to cluck, as a hen. [1/3 definitions]
clack to cluck or cackle in the manner of a hen. [1/8 definitions]
cluck to make the sharp, throaty noise of a hen brooding or calling chicks. [2/4 definitions]
lay1 of a hen or other female bird, to produce eggs. [1/16 definitions]
nest egg a real or artificial egg left in a nest to induce a hen to lay eggs there. [1/2 definitions]
poulard a fat young hen, esp. one spayed to improve the flesh for food.
prairie chicken either of two henlike grouse of the North American prairies that have reddish, brownish, black, and white feathers; prairie hen; prairie fowl.
pullet a young hen, esp. a common domestic hen in its first year of laying eggs.
set of a hen, to sit on eggs. [1/25 definitions]
sitter a hen that is sitting on or hatching eggs; brooding hen. [1/2 definitions]