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Aaron according to the Old Testament, the older brother of Moses and the first high priest of the Hebrew nation.
able having a high degree of ability, talent, or skill. [1/3 definitions]
absinthe a bitter green liqueur with high alcohol content, made from wormwood and herbs. [1/2 definitions]
accelerator in nuclear physics, a device that creates high-energy particles by acceleration through electrostatic or electromagnetic means, used for research. [1/3 definitions]
acidic containing a high proportion of acid-forming silica, as rocks or soil. [1/3 definitions]
acidosis an abnormally high acidity of body tissues and fluids.
acid rain rain that has high acidity because of being mixed with pollutants such as vehicle exhausts and residues from burning of fossil fuels for energy or from chemical manufacturing.
acrophobia an overwhelming fear of high places.
acute accent a diacritical mark (), placed over a vowel to indicate length or high pitch, or to indicate primary stress of a syllable. (Cf. grave accent.)
admire to hold in high esteem; respect. [1/2 definitions]
aerie a nest built high on a cliff or mountain, esp. by an eagle or other bird of prey. [1/2 definitions]
Afro a hair style, originating among American blacks, in which the hair is worn in a high rounded bush, cropped close at the nape. [1/3 definitions]
alkalosis a pathological condition of the body fluids, characterized by a dangerously high alkali content.
aloft in or toward a high location.
Alpine (l.c.) of, like, living in, or characteristic of high mountains or mountain regions above the timberline. [1/4 definitions]
Alps a high mountain range extending from southern France through Switzerland, Italy, Germany, and Austria, and into Yugoslavia and Albania.
altitude (usu. pl.) a high region or area. [1/4 definitions]
ambassador a high-ranking official sent by one nation to another either to carry out a specific diplomatic mission or to serve in residence there. [1/3 definitions]
animal spirits the quality of one who is in high spirits and good health; vitality.
anoint to confer a particular high status on by applying oil, as in a religious ritual. [1/2 definitions]
anticyclone a large system of winds that rotates around a center of high barometric pressure, moving clockwise in the Northern Hemisphere and counterclockwise in the Southern, and usu. producing cool, dry weather. (Cf. cyclone.)