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beta particle a high-speed positron or electron ejected from a nucleus in radioactive decay or fission.
broadband of, pertaining to, or using a type of high-speed data transmission that allows signals at different frequencies, such as audio and video, to be transmitted simultaneously along a single wire. [1/2 definitions]
bullet train a high-speed train, especially one of the type invented in Japan.
fastball in baseball, a high-speed pitch usu. thrown straight.
interceptor a high-speed fighter plane with a rapid climbing rate, used to defend against enemy aircraft. [1/2 definitions]
Josephson junction an electronic device, used for high-speed switches in computers, that allows direct current to pass from one superconductor to another through a thin insulating barrier, by means of a radiating effect.
maglev a high-speed train levitated and propelled over tracks by the interaction of magnets along the sides of a guideway and on the train's underside; magnetic levitation train.
speedboat a high-speed motorboat.