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Babe Ruth U.S. professional baseball player, celebrated for his ability to hit home runs and for generating public interest in the sport of baseball; born George Herman Ruth (b.1895--d.1948).
bandy to throw or hit back and forth, as a ball. [1/4 definitions]
bang a sudden or hard hit or blow. [2/11 definitions]
base hit in baseball, a hit that allows the batter to get on base safely, without an error or force-out being made.
bat1 to hit with a bat. [1/4 definitions]
batter1 to hit with heavy, repeated blows. [1/3 definitions]
beat to hit (someone or something) repeatedly. [2/15 definitions]
beat up to hit or kick (someone) until seriously injured. [1/2 definitions]
belt to hit or strike with a belt. [2/11 definitions]
blackjack to hit or beat with a blackjack. [1/6 definitions]
blindside to hit or attack (someone, esp. a football player) from an unanticipated direction.
bloop (informal) in baseball, to hit (the ball) in a low arc that carries just beyond the infield, usu. for a hit. [2 definitions]
blooper (informal) in baseball, a hit ball that flies in a low arc just beyond the infield, usu. for a hit. [1/2 definitions]
blow1 a quick, forcible hit by the fist or by a hard object. [1/3 definitions]
box2 a hit or blow struck with the hand or fist. [2/6 definitions]
brassie a wooden golf club with a brass-plated sole, used to hit long, low shots; a number two wood.
buffet1 to hit or strike against. [1/4 definitions]
bunker in golf, to hit into a hazard such as a sand trap. [1/5 definitions]
butt3 to hit or push with the head or horns. [1/3 definitions]
clip1 (informal) to hit sharply and quickly. [1/11 definitions]
club in golf, a long instrument with a curved or flat head, used to hit the ball. [2/7 definitions]