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cheat to make the victim of a hoax; trick; fool. [1/11 definitions]
gaff a trick; hoax. [1/6 definitions]
hoax to deceive or defraud with a hoax. [1/3 definitions]
hocus to defraud, hoax, or hoodwink. [1/3 definitions]
humbug something intended to deceive; fake; fraud; hoax. [2/8 definitions]
mare's-nest something thought to be an incredible discovery that turns out to have been a hoax or delusion. [1/2 definitions]
put-on (informal) a deception done to amuse or tease; hoax. [1/3 definitions]
setup (informal) a situation arranged to have a particular outcome; hoax. [1/3 definitions]
spoof a hoax, prank, or joke. [1/5 definitions]