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abode1 a residence or dwelling; home. [1/2 definitions]
abroad outside of one's home. [1/4 definitions]
absolute in grammar, syntactically independent, or nearly so, as "the weather being chilly" in the sentence "The weather being chilly, we stayed home." [1/7 definitions]
Aeaea in Greek mythology, the island home of the sorceress Circe.
Aeaean of or pertaining to Aeaea, the island home of the sorceress Circe in Greek mythology. [1/2 definitions]
Aeaean Circe in Greek mythology, the enchantress Circe, who has the power to turn sailors into swine, as described by an epithet referring to her island home, Aeaea.
afield away from one's home; abroad. [1/3 definitions]
appliance a practical device, esp. any of several pieces of equipment used in the home such as a stove, refrigerator, or washing machine.
a roof over one's head a place to live; home; shelter.
at-home a usu. informal reception of visitors and guests at one's home.
Babe Ruth U.S. professional baseball player, celebrated for his ability to hit home runs and for generating public interest in the sport of baseball; born George Herman Ruth (b.1895--d.1948).
bathrobe a loose garment worn before or after bathing, over nightwear, or casually in the home.
billet1 nonmilitary lodging assigned to troops, esp. in a private home. [1/6 definitions]
break in to enter a home or other property by force, without authorization, and with an illegal purpose. [1/2 definitions]
break-in an incident in which a home or other property is entered without authorization and for an illegal purpose, especially that of burglary.
Cape Cod a style of home architecture patterned after the summer cottages common in that area, usu. of wood construction with steeply gabled roofs. [1/2 definitions]
carrier pigeon a pigeon trained to return to its home base, esp. one used to carry messages from outposts; homing pigeon. [1/2 definitions]
catcher in baseball, the player who squats behind the batter at home plate and catches balls thrown by the pitcher. [1/2 definitions]
chez (French) at or in the home of; with; by.
child care the practice, service, or business of caring for other people's children, esp. young children whose parents work outside the home.
commute to travel regularly back and forth between two points, usu. the home and workplace. [1/7 definitions]