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antihomosexual combined form of homosexual.
drag queen (derogatory slang) a male homosexual who dresses as a woman.
dyke2 (offensive slang) a female homosexual; lesbian.
faggot (offensive slang) a male homosexual.
fairy (offensive slang) a male homosexual. [1/3 definitions]
fruit (offensive slang) a male homosexual. [1/4 definitions]
fruity (offensive slang) homosexual. [1/2 definitions]
gay homosexual, esp. male. [2/4 definitions]
homophile a homosexual person. [1/2 definitions]
lesbian pertaining to homosexual relations between women. [2 definitions]
pansy (offensive slang) an effeminate man, esp. a homosexual. [1/2 definitions]
queen (derogatory slang) an effeminate male homosexual. [1/5 definitions]
queer (usu. offensive slang) homosexual. [2/5 definitions]
rough trade (slang) a tough, sadistic homosexual male hired or picked up for sex, or all such persons collectively.
swish (derogatory slang) an effeminate homosexual. [1/4 definitions]