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believe to accept as honest or true. [1/6 definitions]
bona fide in good faith; honest; sincere. [1/2 definitions]
candid without deception or concealment; honest; forthright. [1/4 definitions]
devious not open, honest, or straightforward; sneaky; underhanded. [1/2 definitions]
dishonest inclined to lie, steal, or cheat; not honest or trustworthy. [1/2 definitions]
frankly in an honest, open manner; candidly. [2 definitions]
honestly in an honest manner; openly; forthrightly. [1/2 definitions]
honesty the fact or condition of being honest; integrity; truthfulness. [1/2 definitions]
just fair, equitable, and honest. [1/12 definitions]
level (informal) to be open and honest. [1/15 definitions]
shifty not sincere, honest, or trustworthy; evasive or tricky. [1/2 definitions]
sincere honest or earnest. [1/2 definitions]
square honest; direct; equitable. [1/24 definitions]
square deal (informal) a fair, honest arrangement or deal, esp. a commercial transaction.
square shooter (informal) one who is fair and honest in dealing with others.
straight upright; honest. [1/20 definitions]
straightforward honest, frank, and trustworthy. [1/4 definitions]
truthful tending to adhere to the truth; habitually honest. [1/2 definitions]
upright right, honest, and just in actions or ethics. [1/8 definitions]
upstanding honest and trustworthy; upright. [1/2 definitions]
veracious habitually speaking the truth; honest; truthful. [1/2 definitions]