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angle2 to fish with hook and line. [1/2 definitions]
angler a person who fishes with hook and line, usu. for sport. [1/3 definitions]
angling the act, process, or sport of fishing with hook and line.
barb a small, sharp point projecting in the opposite direction of the main point or hook, as on an arrow, fishhook, or the like. [1/3 definitions]
buttonhook a small, usu. metal hook used to pull buttons through their holes, esp. on shoes and gloves.
cant hook a blunt-tipped wooden lever with a movable metal hook near the lower end, used in handling logs; peavey.
coat hanger a piece of wire or other material shaped for hanging a piece of clothing and suspending it, as from a rod or hook.
crampon an iron hook or curved bar for lifting heavy objects, usu. used in pairs. [1/2 definitions]
crook to bend, curve, or hook. [1/5 definitions]
crotchet a small hook or something with a hook. [1/2 definitions]
fastening that which is used to fasten or secure, such as a hook or clasp.
fishhook a metal hook with a barb and sharp tip, used to catch fish.
fishing pole any long slender pole with a line and a hook attached to one end that is used to catch fish.
fishing rod a long thin flexible rod, usu. equipped with a reel as well as a line and hook, that is used in catching fish.
fly2 an artificial insect made of various materials tied onto a hook, used to lure fish. [1/3 definitions]
gaff a metal hook with a handle, used to land large fish. [3/6 definitions]
grapple a metal hook with several claws used to drag objects closer or secure them; grapnel. [1/6 definitions]
hanger a frame with a hook at the top, usu. made of wire, wood, or plastic, and shaped so that one may hang clothes over it for storage. [1/3 definitions]
hang up to suspend from a hook or hanger. [1/3 definitions]
holdfast any device used to attach a thing to a surface, such as a clamp, nail, or hook. [1/2 definitions]
hook to hold, hang, secure, or pull with or as with a hook. [5/19 definitions]