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albatross any of several of the largest seabirds, with webbed feet, long narrow wings, and hooked beaks, that are found chiefly in the Southern Hemisphere.
billhook a sharp curved or hooked tool used for pruning, cutting, and clearing brush.
checkrein a short rein hooked on to a horse's saddle or harness, or to another horse in a team, preventing the horse from lowering or tossing its head.
cormorant any of several dark-colored, long-necked seabirds having a hooked bill and an expandable food pouch, often brightly colored, under the bill.
crochet needlework made with a hooked needle that draws the thread in a pattern of intertwined loops. [1/2 definitions]
crook a curved or hooked part of something. [3/5 definitions]
eyeglass (pl.) two glass or plastic lenses in a frame that has a bridge resting on the nose and extensions hooked around the ears, used to correct defective vision; glasses; spectacles. [1/4 definitions]
falcate curved or hooked like a sickle.
falcon any of several birds of prey, related to hawks, that hunt during the day and have long powerful wings and a hooked beak.
frigate bird any of various large tropical seabirds with a hooked beak and esp. long wings, that typically grabs prey away from other birds in flight.
hawk1 a bird of prey that has a short hooked beak and curved claws and is similar to but usu. smaller than an eagle. [1/5 definitions]
hook and ladder a fire engine carrying extension ladders, hooked tools, and other equipment; hook-and-ladder truck.
landing net a small bag-shaped net attached to a handle, used to scoop a hooked fish from the water.
merganser any of various large diving ducks that have a narrow bill with a hooked tip and serrated edges, and usu. a crest on the head.
owl any of various nocturnal birds of prey that have large eyes set in the front of a large head, a strong hooked beak, and strong, sharp talons.
parrot any of numerous tropical birds that have brightly colored plumage, a heavy short hooked bill, and often the ability to imitate speech. [1/3 definitions]
play to control (a hooked fish). [1/22 definitions]
pruning hook a tool with a hooked blade that is used to prune plants.
shrike any of several predatory songbirds that have a strong hooked bill and feed on insects and small birds and animals, which they sometimes impale on thorns or other sharp objects.
snapping turtle any of several large freshwater turtles with powerful hooked jaws and a rough shell.