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alpenhorn a very long curved wooden horn, used by herdsmen in the Alps to call cattle.
althorn any of various brass wind instruments in the alto or tenor range, esp. the altosaxhorn; alto horn.
brass (often pl.) a wind instrument usu. made of brass, such as a trumpet or horn. [1/6 definitions]
buckhorn the horn of a buck deer, esp. used as a material for buttons, knife handles, or the like. [2 definitions]
bugle1 a horn similar to a trumpet or cornet, but usu. without keys or valves. [1/4 definitions]
cornucopia a mythological goat's horn containing an endless supply of food, used as a symbol of abundance and prosperity; horn of plenty. [2/3 definitions]
ear trumpet a horn-shaped tube formerly used as a hearing aid by those with impaired hearing.
excrescence anything growing out from the body, such as a horn. [1/3 definitions]
foghorn a loud, deep-sounding horn, as on a ship, used in fog or at night to give warning signals.
gore2 to injure by stabbing with a horn, antler, tusk, or the like.
honk any sound resembling this, such as the sound of an automobile horn. [3/5 definitions]
hoot a sound resembling an owl's cry, such as the sound of a car horn. [1/7 definitions]
hornbook formerly, a child's primer for reading or math, consisting of a page of material covered by a transparent sheet of horn and framed. [1/2 definitions]
hornless combined form of horn.
hornpipe a musical wind instrument whose mouthpiece and bell are usu. made of ox horn. [1/3 definitions]
horny made of or similar to horn. [1/4 definitions]
inkhorn formerly, a small portable container for ink, usu. made of horn. [1/2 definitions]
keratin a hard animal protein which is the main constituent of horn, nails, feathers, beaks, and the like.
kerato- horn; hornlike. [1/2 definitions]
Klaxon trademark for a loud electric horn.
noisemaker someone or something that makes noise, esp. a rattle, horn, or other device used at a party or celebration.