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aggressive characterized by hostility in action. [1/2 definitions]
animosity strong dislike or active hostility.
antagonism a state of being opposed; hostility. [1/2 definitions]
antagonistic characterized by or showing dislike or hostility; unfriendly. [1/2 definitions]
antagonize to bring on the hostility of; make an enemy of. [1/2 definitions]
anti-Semitism prejudice, discrimination, or hostility toward Jews.
at war in a state of active hostility or conflict.
bad blood animosity between two or more people; mutual hostility.
belligerence an act of war or hostility, or the carrying on of war; warfare. [1/2 definitions]
cold war intense political or ideological hostility between nations, resulting in high tension between them, but not in outright war. [2 definitions]
confront to face with hostility or an accusing attitude. [1/3 definitions]
defuse to reduce the level of hostility, tension, danger, or the like in (a situation or the like). [1/2 definitions]
disarming easing hostility or mistrust; charmingly agreeable.
dislike to regard with distaste, hostility, or antipathy. [2 definitions]
enemy one who acts with or feels hostility toward another; adversary. [1/5 definitions]
enmity the mutual feeling of enemies toward each other; hatred; hostility; antagonism.
feud a deep, long-lasting hostility, esp. between families or other related groups, and sometimes with outbreaks of violence. [1/3 definitions]
friendly sociable and lacking hostility. [1/4 definitions]
growl to utter a deep, guttural sound expressing hostility, as a dog. [1/6 definitions]
hate to dislike intensely; feel hostility toward; loathe; detest. [2/4 definitions]
ill will hostility or spite.