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arc lamp a lamp, such as a searchlight, in which light is produced by an electric arc passing through a gas between two hot electrodes; arc light.
balloon a large bag made of thin material designed to inflate and be lifted off the ground when filled with hot air or a gas that is lighter than air. [1/8 definitions]
Bessemer process a process for making steel by blasting hot compressed air through molten pig iron to remove impurities.
blistering extremely hot. [1/2 definitions]
boiler a tank used for heating and storing a supply of hot water. [1/3 definitions]
borscht a hot or cold beet soup, often served with sour cream.
brand a mark made, as on cattle, by burning with a hot iron, to indicate identity or ownership. [2/8 definitions]
brazier2 a metal container designed to hold hot coals or charcoal, and used for heating a room. [1/2 definitions]
broil1 to cause to become extremely hot or burned, esp. at the top surface, [1/6 definitions]
Bunsen burner a cylindrical burner, used in laboratories, that has holes at the bottom where air enters, mixes with gas, and produces a hot blue flame.
burn to be very hot. [1/14 definitions]
burning very hot, bright, or intense. [1/4 definitions]
cactus a leafless, fleshy-stemmed, often prickly plant that grows in hot, dry regions of America.
café au lait hot coffee mixed with an equal amount of hot or scalded milk. [1/2 definitions]
cambric tea a drink of hot water, milk, sugar, and a little tea, usu. given to children.
capsicum any of numerous pepper plants related to nightshade that bear fleshy green, yellow, or red edible pods in many varieties from mild to hot. [1/2 definitions]
cautery something, such as a caustic agent or a very hot or very cold instrument, used to burn or sear and thus to destroy unwanted tissue. [1/2 definitions]
cayenne any of various pepper plants bearing usu. red pods, some varieties of which are very hot and spicy. [2/3 definitions]
chafing dish a lidded dish or pot, supported on a metal frame with a candle or other heating device beneath it, and used to cook food at the table or keep it hot.
chilidog a hot dog topped with chili.
chowchow a relish of pickled vegetables, often in a hot mustard sauce.