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Beaufort scale a scale that rates the force and speed of wind from 0, "calm," to 12 or more, "hurricane".
force of nature a hurricane, an earthquake, or other such powerful natural event, esp. one that is highly destructive, usu. generated by atmospheric or lithospheric conditions. [1/3 definitions]
storm surge an often dangerous rise in sea level that accompanies a storm, particularly a hurricane.
tidal wave an unusual rise or incursion of the sea, caused by an underwater quake, a hurricane, or the like; tsunami. [1/2 definitions]
tropical cyclone a storm originating usu. over tropical seas, characterized by very low barometric pressure, great size, and hurricane-force winds swirling about a calm eye.
tropical storm a tropical cyclone with winds from 39 to 73 miles per hour, the stage below a hurricane in strength.
typhoon a violent tropical hurricane or cyclone that occurs in the western Pacific area and the China Sea.