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absurd contrary to rational thought; illogical; ridiculous. [1/2 definitions]
crazy illogical or impractical; not sensible. [1/7 definitions]
fallacious based on unsound logic; in error; illogical.
garbage anything that is regarded as worthless, illogical, substandard, or offensive. [1/3 definitions]
illegitimate not in accordance with principles of logical inference; illogical. [1/6 definitions]
irrational not based on logical reasoning; illogical. [1/3 definitions]
nonsense something, or a collection of things, that is meaningless, illogical, foolish, or absurd. [1/4 definitions]
paralogism faulty reasoning; illogical argument.
rationalize to revise by removing inconsistencies and illogical content. [1/3 definitions]
untenable of an argument, position, or the like, incapable of being defended; weak or illogical. [1/2 definitions]