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eager having or showing an impatient desire; anticipating enthusiastically.
eagerly with happy or impatient excitement or enthusiasm.
edgy irritably nervous or impatient; on edge.
flounce1 to go or move in an abrupt, jerky, impatient manner (often fol. by "out," "away," or the like). [1/3 definitions]
keep one's shirt on (informal) to hold one's temper; refrain from becoming angry or impatient.
on edge impatient. [1/2 definitions]
petulance the state or quality of being easily or unreasonably irritated, impatient, or ill tempered.
restive unable to remain at rest; impatient or ill at ease, esp. under restraint. [1/2 definitions]
tired weary; impatient; bored (usu. fol. by "of"). [1/3 definitions]
weary growing impatient, bored, or dissatisfied with a particular thing (often fol. by "of"). [2/6 definitions]