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bingo a game of chance in which markers are placed on numbered squares on a card, in accordance with numbers chosen randomly and announced by a caller, and which is won by placing five such markers in a row.
digital displaying electronic information in a row of numerical digits. [1/5 definitions]
lotto a game of chance, similar to bingo, in which a leader draws a numbered disk and the players cover the corresponding numbers on their boards, continuing until someone has covered five numbers in a row. [1/2 definitions]
novena in the Roman Catholic church, a religious observance in which prayers are said or services held for a special purpose, on nine days in a row.
railroad flat an apartment in which the rooms are arranged in a row resembling a line of railroad cars, with no connecting corridor or hallway.
range to extend in a row or line. [1/20 definitions]
rank1 to put in a row or rows. [1/10 definitions]
receiving line hosts and guests of honor who stand in a row to greet guests at formal gatherings, esp. weddings and receptions.
repeatedly again and again; many times in a row.
row1 to set in a row. [1/4 definitions]
stroke a single pull of a rowing oar, the pace or manner of executing this motion, or the oarsman in a rowing crew who sets the pace for rowing. [1/13 definitions]
tick-tack-toe a game for two players, one marking X's and the other marking O's in turn on a grid of nine squares until one succeeds in filling three squares with the same mark in a row down, across, or on a diagonal.