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argument a reason in favor of or against something. [1/5 definitions]
counsel to advise in favor of; advocate. [1/6 definitions]
deficiency judgment a judicial decision in favor of a creditor for that part of a debt not satisfied by the debtor, esp. following the foreclosure and sale of a mortgage property.
for in favor of. [1/13 definitions]
heir presumptive one whose right to inherit property or a title may be legally set aside in favor of a closer relative born before the ancestor dies. (See heir apparent.)
opposed not in favor of; against.
pro1 in favor of some proposal, decision, person, or the like.(Cf. con1.) [3 definitions]
pro-2 in favor of; supporting. [1/2 definitions]
propaganda information or statements of opinion that are deliberately circulated among the public in order to persuade the population to accept a particular point of view, esp. one in favor of or opposed to a particular movement, cause, or doctrine.
resolve to reach a firm decision about or in favor of, or to cause to reach such a decision. [1/8 definitions]