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abreast in full awareness; up to date (usu. fol. by "of"). [1/4 definitions]
blow-by-blow in full and precise detail, as a description or report.
fuller's earth a very absorbent clay used esp. in fulling woolen cloth and also as a filter, dusting powder, catalyst, and the like.
land contract a real estate contract in which the buyer agrees to make periodic payments to the seller, taking title only when the purchase price has been paid in full.
layaway a system of payment in which a deposit is made to reserve desired goods then paid off over time in installments until the goods are paid in full and received. [1/2 definitions]
long division a procedure of dividing one number by another number, in which each step, with its subtraction and its remainder, is written down in full.
longhand writing done by hand in which words are written out in full. (Cf. shorthand).
model a representation or copy, often smaller than the original and used as a guide to making a thing in full size. [1/12 definitions]
plenary indulgence in the Roman Catholic Church, an indulgence that remits in full the temporal punishment still due to sin after absolution.
satisfied paid in full, as a debt. [1/3 definitions]