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at rest inactive, not moving, or in repose. [1/2 definitions]
deactivate to make inactive or inoperative. [2 definitions]
dead useless or inactive. [1/16 definitions]
downtime a period of time during which a computer, factory, or the like is inactive, usu. to allow for repairs or the like.
estivate to spend the summer in a dormant or inactive state. (Cf. hibernate.) [1/2 definitions]
hibernate to be inactive or in seclusion. [1/2 definitions]
inactivate to render inactive or unable to function or spread; halt the activity or operation of.
inert naturally or habitually inactive or slow-moving; sluggish. [1/3 definitions]
lie2 to rest or remain, as on or under a surface or in an inactive state. [1/8 definitions]
on the shelf inactive or unused; put aside; reserved for future use or consideration.
overcome to cause to be weak or inactive, or to lose consciousness. [1/5 definitions]
passive not participating; inactive. [1/6 definitions]
plasminogen the inactive precursor of plasmin, an enzyme in plasma that dissolves certain proteins involved in blood clotting.
quiet not busy; inactive. [1/14 definitions]
sedentary habitually inactive physically. [1/3 definitions]
slack1 dull or inactive. [1/12 definitions]
sleep to be very inactive or not alert. [1/9 definitions]
sleepy inactive or dull. [1/2 definitions]
sluggard lazy or inactive. [1/2 definitions]
slumber to be temporarily inactive. [1/5 definitions]
thymus a vestigial ductless gland or glandular structure found in vertebrates, usu. at the base of the neck, that is active during childhood in modifying white blood cells and building resistance to disease, but becomes inactive in the adult.