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burlesque a book, play, skit, or the like that mocks something by comically treating it with inappropriate seriousness or levity. [1/5 definitions]
defense mechanism in psychology, an unconscious process that submerges or opposes ideas or actions that would be painful or inappropriate. [1/2 definitions]
do's and don'ts actions or customs, collectively correct or appropriate and wrong or inappropriate, respectively.
illegitimate not in good usage; inappropriate. [1/6 definitions]
ill-timed done or happening at a wrong or inappropriate time; inopportune.
incongruity the condition of being inappropriate or inconsistent. [1/2 definitions]
infelicitous inappropriate or unfortunate; inopportune.
infelicity an inappropriate act or remark; something infelicitous. [1/3 definitions]
lead on to cause (someone) to have a false assumption or follow an inappropriate course of action.
malapropism the humorous or ridiculous misuse of a word, esp. by using a word that sounds similar to the correct word, but whose meaning is inappropriate, as in "waddling in self-pity," rather than "wallowing".
malapropos not suited to the occasion; inappropriate. [1/2 definitions]
misbecome to be inappropriate or unfit for, or unbecoming to.
miscall to call by a wrong or inappropriate name.
mismatch a poor or inappropriate match. [1/2 definitions]
misnomer an incorrect or inappropriate name.
mistime to say or do at an inappropriate time. [1/2 definitions]
misuse a wrong or inappropriate use. [1/3 definitions]
on the wrong tack pursuing an inappropriate or mistaken course of action; misguided.
out-of-the-way inappropriate or offensive, as an utterance. [1/3 definitions]
out of turn inappropriate or indiscreet. [1/2 definitions]
outrage an act that causes intense anger or offense by being considered unfair, unjust, grossly inappropriate, or indecent. [1/6 definitions]