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angle of repose the greatest angle of incline at which sand, stones, soil, or the like will not slide or roll downhill.
ascent an upward path or incline. [1/4 definitions]
bob1 to incline or dip one's body as a sign of respect; curtsy or bow. [1/4 definitions]
cable car an enclosed passenger vehicle either on rails or suspended on a cable and pulled back and forth by a moving cable, esp. up and down a steep incline or across a chasm.
cant2 a slanting line, edge, or surface, esp. one deviating from the horizontal or vertical; slope; incline. [1/5 definitions]
clinometer an instrument used to measure the angle of an incline.
decline to slope or incline downward. [1/10 definitions]
descend to incline downward; slope. [1/7 definitions]
dispose to make willing or make open to; incline. [1/4 definitions]
downhill a descending slope or incline. [1/5 definitions]
fancy to incline toward believing; suppose. [1/14 definitions]
glacis a gradual slope or incline.
gradient the amount by which an incline deviates from the horizontal; slope. [2/4 definitions]
lean1 to bend or incline. [2/7 definitions]
monoclinal of, pertaining to, or designating a geological formation in which rock strata incline in one direction. [1/2 definitions]
monocline a rock formation in which the rock strata incline in only one direction; monoclinal.
perpendicular a nearly vertical or very steep incline, as on a mountainside. [1/7 definitions]
pinball machine an amusement machine played by driving a metal ball up an incline with mechanical levers, the object being to keep the ball in play to score points by hitting various bars and pins.
pitch1 to incline in a downward direction; slope. [1/22 definitions]
predetermine to influence one in the direction of; incline one toward. [1/3 definitions]
rake3 to slant away from a vertical or horizontal line; incline. [1/4 definitions]