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benzol an impure form of benzene, used in the chemical industry. [1/2 definitions]
Broadway this street as representing the theater district of New York City, or considered as a symbol of the center or apex of the U.S. theater industry. [1/2 definitions]
cinema the art or industry of producing motion pictures. [1/3 definitions]
civet the musky fluid secreted by the civet cat, used in the perfume industry. [1/3 definitions]
coal mining the industry, act, or process of digging coal out of the earth.
collectivization the act or process of organizing or reorganizing an economy, business, or industry based on collective ownership and joint control of the means of production and distribution.
collectivize to organize or reorganize (an economy, business, or industry) based on collective ownership and control of the means of production and distribution.
conglomerate a company made up of several smaller companies engaged in diverse or unrelated areas of industry. [1/5 definitions]
cottage industry a small-scale industry in which products are made, created, or assembled in the workers' homes rather than in factories or offices. [1/2 definitions]
denationalize to remove (an industry or the like) from government control and place in the hands of private owners. [1/2 definitions]
division an administrative unit in government, industry, the military, schools, sports, and other institutions. [1/7 definitions]
end product the final or finished product, as of an industry, chemical reaction, or growth process.
ethyl alcohol a colorless, quickly evaporating, flammable liquid, used in medicine and industry, and occurring in intoxicating beverages; alcohol.
fashion the part of the clothing industry that is concerned with design. [1/6 definitions]
film (often cap.) motion pictures generally, or the motion picture industry. [1/11 definitions]
fishery the business or industry of catching, processing, or selling fish and other seafood. [1/3 definitions]
food service industry generated by those people, places, institutions, and companies that are responsible for meals eaten away from home.
ganglion any place where activity, industry, learning, or the like is concentrated; hub. [1/2 definitions]
general strike a strike by the entire labor force of an industry, country, or the like.
Grammy any of various awards given annually in the United States by the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences for outstanding achievement in the recording industry.
green of a company or industry, producing energy-efficient or recyclable products and producing them in a way that conserves energy generated from fossil fuels and contributes little to environmental pollution. [1/17 definitions]