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adulterant something that, when added to a substance, makes the substance impure or inferior. [1/2 definitions]
adulterate to make worse or impure by adding unnecessary or inferior ingredients. [2/3 definitions]
adulteration the act or process of adulterating, or making worse or impure by adding unnecessary or inferior ingredients. [1/3 definitions]
alloy a combined form of two or more metals, or of a metal with a nonmetal, sometimes using an inferior ingredient with a more costly one. [1/5 definitions]
-aster one that is inferior or merely imitative.
awful very bad; inferior. [1/4 definitions]
base2 of little value or quality; inferior. [1/2 definitions]
bastard something inauthentic or inferior. [2/4 definitions]
caricature an absurdly inferior imitation or copy. [1/4 definitions]
cheap of inferior quality; shoddy. [1/8 definitions]
cheapen to lessen the quality or appearance of; make inferior. [1/4 definitions]
cheap-jack one who deals with or sells inferior, shoddy items. [2/3 definitions]
condescend to act as if one were of superior rank or station, treating others as inferior; patronize. [1/2 definitions]
crappy (slang) of poor quality; inferior.
cull of inferior quality. [1/5 definitions]
culm1 inferior anthracite. [1/3 definitions]
decadence the act, process, or condition of decline into an inferior state; deterioration; decay. [1/2 definitions]
decadent characterized by a fall into an inferior state; decaying; degenerate. [1/3 definitions]
derogate to cause to appear inferior; disparage. [1/2 definitions]
deteriorate to decline or become inferior in value or quality; debase. [2/4 definitions]
disadvantage an unfavorable or inferior condition or circumstance. [3 definitions]