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around the bend (informal) crazy; insane.
crackbrain a person without sense or reason; one who is insane.
crackbrained utterly foolish or insane.
craze to go insane or become obsessed. [1/6 definitions]
crazed having lost one's reason, or having or giving the appearance of being insane. [1/2 definitions]
crazy (informal) mentally deranged; insane or acting insanely. [2/7 definitions]
daft lacking good sense; insane; witless. [1/2 definitions]
demented mentally disturbed; mad; insane. [1/2 definitions]
deranged mentally ill; insane.
insane for, or used by, insane persons, as an institution. [1/4 definitions]
loco (slang) crazy; mad; insane. [1/3 definitions]
loony insane; crazy; lunatic. [1/3 definitions]
loony bin (slang; often offensive) an insane asylum or psychiatric ward.
lunatic someone who is insane. [3/5 definitions]
mad not of sound mind; temporarily deranged; insane, irrational, or maddened. [1/6 definitions]
madden to cause to become insane; drive mad. [1/3 definitions]
madhouse a hospital for the insane. [1/2 definitions]
maniac ravingly or violently insane; maniacal. [1/4 definitions]
mental (informal) crazy; insane. [1/4 definitions]
meshuga (informal) crazy; insane.
out of one's mind insane or distracted.