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atrophy a gradual wasting away of a body part, esp. from insufficient use or nourishment. [1/4 definitions]
blue baby an infant born with blue-tinged skin from insufficient oxygen in the blood, caused by a congenital heart or lung defect.
bounce (informal) of a check or draft, to be sent back by a bank because of insufficient funds in the account from which it was drawn. [2/10 definitions]
carbon monoxide a colorless, odorless, combustible, and very poisonous gas, produced by the incomplete combustion of material containing carbon, such as gasoline, because of insufficient air.
chlorosis an abnormal yellowing or color loss in green plant tissue because of insufficient light or nutrition, genetic disorder, or disease that results in deficient chlorophyll production. [1/2 definitions]
cram to force (something) into a space of insufficient size; stuff (usu. fol. by "inside," "into," "down," or the like). [1/8 definitions]
dystrophy insufficient or improper nutrition. [1/2 definitions]
feeble insufficient or ineffective. [1/3 definitions]
generalize to infer (a general idea or opinion) on the basis of insufficient details. [1/5 definitions]
hunger the condition of having insufficient food to eat and the resulting negative effects on health. [1/5 definitions]
inadequate insufficient or below standard.
insecure having insufficient protection; not safe or secure. [1/3 definitions]
insecurity the condition or quality of having insufficient protection or not being safe. [1/3 definitions]
insufficiency the quality or condition of being insufficient; deficiency; lack. [1/2 definitions]
kite a check fraudulently drawn against insufficient funds in order to maintain credit or raise money. [1/5 definitions]
meltdown an accident in a nuclear reactor in which the radioactive core melts because of insufficient cooling, leading to the escape of radiation.
pittance an allowance so small as to be insufficient or barely sufficient for expenses. [1/2 definitions]
scant having an insufficient amount or supply (usu. fol. by "of"). [2/6 definitions]
scarce in short supply; insufficient. [1/2 definitions]
short lacking in amount; insufficient. [1/16 definitions]
short-winded breathing in short choppy inhalations; unable to withstand strenuous exercise because of insufficient lung capacity. [1/2 definitions]