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augment to make greater in size, degree, or amount; intensify by adding. [1/2 definitions]
blowpipe a metal tube through which air or gas is forced in a controlled flow into a flame to concentrate and intensify its heat. [1/3 definitions]
compound1 to intensify by adding to. [1/12 definitions]
escalate to expand, intensify, or increase. [1/2 definitions]
flare to develop or intensify suddenly (often fol. by "up"). [1/8 definitions]
fuel anything that serves to initiate, sustain, or intensify an action or feeling. [1/5 definitions]
how used to intensify what follows. [1/10 definitions]
inflame to excite, arouse, or intensify (the emotions or passions). [1/4 definitions]
intensifier in grammar, a word, prefix, or the like that serves to intensify, such as "especially" or "hyper-". [1/2 definitions]
intensive tending to stress or intensify. [1/5 definitions]
ourselves used to intensify we or us. [1/3 definitions]
please I beg of you; kindly; if you will (used to intensify or add politeness to a request.) [1/5 definitions]
redouble to double or make twice as great; renew more vigorously; intensify. [1/7 definitions]
up used to intensify the action of a verb. [1/35 definitions]
very used to intensify a superlative or to stress an adjective or identifier. [1/7 definitions]