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banshee in Irish folklore, a female spirit whose wailing forbodes the death of a loved one.
Belleek a thin, glossy Irish pottery that resembles porcelain.
brogue1 a dialectal pronunciation, esp. an Irish accent.
carrageen a purplish-brown seaweed found along the Atlantic coasts of Europe and North America; Irish moss.
Celt a member of any of the Indo-European peoples whose language is Celtic, such as the Irish, Scottish Highlanders, Welsh, or Bretons, or a descendant thereof.
Celtic a group of Indo-European languages that includes Irish and Scots Gaelic and Manx in one branch and the Brythonic languages in another. [1/2 definitions]
colleen a girl or young woman of Irish nationality or descent.
Erin go bragh Ireland forever (Irish Gaelic); (used to express loyalty to Ireland).
Fenian a member of a group formed in the nineteenth century to advocate the ending of British rule in Ireland, composed of Irish and Irish-Americans.
Gaelic the Celtic language spoken in Ireland; Irish; Irish Gaelic. [1/4 definitions]
George Bernard Shaw an Irish-born British playwright and critic (b.1856--d.1950).
hooker1 a type of fishing boat with a single mast, used off the Irish and English coasts. [1/2 definitions]
I.R.A. abbreviation of "Irish Republican Army."
Irish the Celtic language of Ireland; Irish Gaelic. [1/3 definitions]
Irish coffee sweetened hot coffee flavored with Irish whiskey and topped with whipped cream.
James Joyce an Irish author (b.1882--d.1941).
Jonathan Swift an Irish-born English satirist and clergyman (b.1667--d.1745).
leprechaun in Irish folklore, an elf with knowledge of secret treasure for whomever can catch him.
mick (offensive slang) an Irish person.
Middle Irish the Irish language as it was spoken and written from the eleventh to the fifteenth century.
Old Irish the Irish language before the eleventh century.