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arachnophobia an irrational fear of spiders.
Dionysian (often l.c.) of an irrational, orgiastic, or frenzied nature. (Cf. Apollonian.) [1/2 definitions]
disease any condition, as of society, that is considered deranged, irrational, or abnormal. [1/2 definitions]
fantastic irrational or based on imagination. [1/5 definitions]
gynephobia irrational fear of women.
hysteria in an individual or group, an uncontrollable outburst of fear or other emotions, producing fits of weeping, laughter, irrational behavior, or the like. [1/2 definitions]
hysteric irrational because of uncontrollable fear or other emotion; suffering from hysteria. [1/4 definitions]
hysterical having or tending to have hysterics; uncontrollably emotional or irrational. [1/3 definitions]
incoherent unable to reason properly; irrational; rambling. [1/2 definitions]
infatuate to cause a foolish and irrational passion or attachment in (someone). [1/2 definitions]
infatuated having a strong and somewhat irrational attraction to or passion for someone or something.
mad not of sound mind; temporarily deranged; insane, irrational, or maddened. [1/6 definitions]
panic a sudden, usu. irrational terror that often provokes wild behavior and spreads to many other individuals. [1/6 definitions]
phobia a strong, persistent, irrational fear of, or aversion to, something.
prejudice irrational hostility or negativity toward a person or group, esp. on the basis of race, religion, or ethnicity. [1/6 definitions]
rabies an infectious viral disease of mammals usu. transmitted by the bite of an infected animal, causing inflammation of the central nervous system that results in violent and irrational behavior followed by death if not treated.
raving incoherent, irrational speech; babble. [1/3 definitions]
screwball (slang) a person considered eccentric or irrational. [2/3 definitions]
triskaidekaphobia irrational fear of the number thirteen.
unreasoning not using, produced by, or controlled by reason; irrational.
wild-eyed irrational or wildly extreme. [1/2 definitions]