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bother to annoy or irritate, usu. with something minor. [1/7 definitions]
chafe to abrade, irritate, or wear away by rubbing. [1/6 definitions]
exasperate to annoy or irritate greatly; cause to lose patience. [1/2 definitions]
fret1 to concern, or irritate. [1/8 definitions]
gall2 to irritate or make resentful. [1/5 definitions]
get one's goat to irritate, annoy, or anger. [1/2 definitions]
gravel (informal) to irritate or frustrate. [1/4 definitions]
gripe (informal) to annoy or bother; irritate. [1/6 definitions]
irk to annoy, irritate, or exasperate.
nettle to provoke, irritate, or annoy. [1/3 definitions]
pain to cause distress in; irritate; hurt. [1/7 definitions]
peeve to annoy or irritate; vex. [1/2 definitions]
rankle to irritate; annoy. [1/2 definitions]
rasp to irritate or annoy; grate upon. [1/8 definitions]
rebarbative tending to irritate or repel; forbidding or unattractive.
rile to make angry; irritate or annoy. [1/2 definitions]
rub the wrong way to irritate or annoy.
ruffle to irritate or fluster. [1/9 definitions]
tee off (slang) to anger; irritate. [1/4 definitions]
vex to annoy or irritate. [1/2 definitions]