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aioli a rich sauce, similar to mayonnaise, made of crushed garlic, egg yolks, lemon juice, and olive oil, served with vegetables, fish, and seafood.
aloe (pl.) a drug derived from the bitter juice of the aloe leaves (used with a sing. verb). [1/2 definitions]
aloe vera a plant with spiky leaves that contain a juice thought to heal cuts and burns. [2 definitions]
bagasse the pulp that remains after juice has been removed from sugar cane or sugar beet. [1/2 definitions]
bloody Mary (often cap.) a mixed drink made mostly of vodka and tomato juice.
brandy a strong alcoholic beverage made by distilling fermented fruit juice or wine. [1/2 definitions]
bryony any of several perennial vines of the gourd family, having fleshy roots and bearing greenish flowers, the juice of which has been used to cause vomiting and bowel movement.
Caesar salad a green salad topped with grated cheese, croutons, and anchovies and a dressing of olive oil, egg, lemon juice, and garlic.
caoutchouc crude rubber obtained from the milky juice of rubber trees or plants.
cider the juice pressed out of apples, used for drinking and for making vinegar.
cider press a large press used to extract juice from apples for cider.
citric acid an acid derived from the juice of the lime, lemon, or pineapple or from the fermentation of sugars, often used as a flavoring.
cocktail1 an alcoholic beverage mixed from one or more liquors and juice, soda, or the like, often served cold. [2/4 definitions]
collins (often cap.) a drink made with lemon or lime juice, carbonated water, sugar, and either gin, vodka, whiskey, or rum.
concentrate something in concentrated form, such as juice or flavoring. [1/6 definitions]
daiquiri a cocktail made of rum, lime juice, and sugar.
dogbane any of several perennial plants with an acrid, milky juice, a bitter root, and bearing bell-shaped flowers.
extract to separate or draw out (juice from a fruit, metal from an ore, or the like) by pressure, distillation, or chemical action. [1/9 definitions]
fermentation the chemical act or process, caused by a fermenting agent, of converting a carbohydrate into alcohol, acids, and other compounds, as yeast converts the sugar in grape juice into alcohol, producing wine. [1/2 definitions]
frappé a mixture flavored with fruit or fruit juice, frozen to a mush, and served as a dessert. [1/3 definitions]
gastric ulcer an open sore in the stomach lining, caused by the corrosive action of gastric juice.