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actual truly existing or happening, not just potentially or in the imagination. [1/3 definitions]
adequate just barely good enough. [1/3 definitions]
agony a violent struggle, esp. the struggle just before death. [1/3 definitions]
also in addition to what has just been said or written. [1/3 definitions]
ankle the joint between the leg and the foot; part of the leg just above the foot.
another being one more just like the others; an additional. [2/5 definitions]
apropos in connection with the topic just mentioned or under discussion. [1/4 definitions]
archdeacon a church official ranking just below a bishop and responsible for the administration of a diocese. [1/2 definitions]
arrogate to claim presumptuously for oneself without just cause. [1/2 definitions]
bare only just sufficient; mere. [1/6 definitions]
barely only just; hardly. [1/2 definitions]
beginner someone just beginning to acquire new knowledge or learn a new skill.
Bermuda shorts shorts ending just above the knee, worn by both sexes and often with knee-length socks; bermudas.
bloop (informal) in baseball, to hit (the ball) in a low arc that carries just beyond the infield, usu. for a hit. [1/2 definitions]
blooper (informal) in baseball, a hit ball that flies in a low arc just beyond the infield, usu. for a hit. [1/2 definitions]
bobby socks (informal) socks that reach just above the ankle; anklets.
bridge1 the bony part of the human nose, just below eye level. [1/6 definitions]
candid not biased; fair; just. [1/4 definitions]
carnival an occasion or period of festive revelry, esp. the time just before Lent. [1/2 definitions]
cesium a highly reactive chemical element of the alkali metal group that has fifty-five protons in each nucleus and that occurs in pure form as a soft, silvery metal melting to a heavy liquid just above room temperature. (symbol: Cs) [1/2 definitions]
cheekbone the bone just below the eye.