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Ahab the tragic hero of Herman Melville's nineteenth-century novel Moby Dick, who is ruled by an obsession to kill the white whale of the title. [1/2 definitions]
antimicrobial acting to kill or inhibit the growth of microorganisms. [1/2 definitions]
antipersonnel designed to kill or injure people, as opposed to destroying machinery or buildings.
antiseptic having the ability to kill harmful microorganisms. [2/4 definitions]
bactericide something that can kill bacteria.
bag to kill or capture (game). [1/11 definitions]
biological warfare the use of living organisms such as bacteria or viruses to kill or disable people or destroy their food supply.
butcher to kill or dress in preparation for sale or use as meat. [1/6 definitions]
chase1 to pursue (game) in order to kill; hunt. [1/9 definitions]
chloroform to kill with chloroform. [1/3 definitions]
deadfall a trap in which a heavy weight is set to drop on an animal and either stun or kill it. [1/2 definitions]
deadly seeking to destroy or kill. [1/6 definitions]
delouse to kill or remove lice on or from (a person, animal, or thing).
destroy to kill. [1/5 definitions]
dip to immerse (an animal) in a solution to kill parasites or germs. [1/15 definitions]
dispatch to kill. [1/7 definitions]
do away with to kill. [1/2 definitions]
drill1 any of various marine mollusks that kill oysters and the like by making holes in their shells. [1/13 definitions]
drown to kill by submerging in a liquid, esp. water. [1/4 definitions]
drug resistance the reduction in effectiveness of a drug in curing an infectious disease or cancer. Drug resistance typically develops when pathogenic cells or cancerous cells evolve the ability to tolerate a drug used to kill them.
Electra in Greek mythology, a princess who convinced her brother to kill their mother and their mother's lover.