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bow2 an easily loosened knot having two or more loops and used in tying shoes, wrapping packages, and the like. [1/7 definitions]
bowknot a decorative knot with large loops that is often used in ribbons, shoelaces, string, or the like; bow.
bowline a knot that will not slip or jam, used for making a loop at the end of a rope. [1/2 definitions]
cockade a rosette or knot of ribbon worn esp. on a hat as a badge of rank, office, or the like.
frog2 a decorative fastener, as on a coat or jacket, with a button or knot on one side of the opening and a loop on the other side, usu. made of braid or cord.
gnarl to knot or twist. [1/2 definitions]
Gordian knot in Greek legend, a knot tied by King Gordius of Phrygia and cut by Alexander the Great, after an oracle had said it could be untied only by the next ruler of Asia. [1/2 definitions]
granny knot a knot begun like a square knot, but in which the second interlace is the reverse of that of a square knot.
half hitch a knot made by making a loop in a rope and passing the end of the rope through the loop.
knar a lump or knot on a tree or in wood.
knot1 to form into a knot, or to tie knots in. [1/14 definitions]
knothole a hole in a piece of lumber from which a knot has come out.
knurl a knot or protuberance, as on a tree; gnarl. [1/3 definitions]
noose a loop that passes through a knot in the end of a line such as a rope or wire, so that it constricts more tightly as the line is pulled. [1/3 definitions]
pretzel a thin, crisp, glazed biscuit usu. shaped as a knot or stick and salted on the surface. [1/2 definitions]
reef knot a square knot used to reef sails; flat knot.
sheepshank a type of knot used to shorten a rope temporarily.
sheet bend a knot that joins two ropes or the like by passing the end of one around and through a bight in the other.
slipknot a knot tied so that the loop can be easily expanded or pulled tight.
square knot a double knot with the free ends parallel to the standing parts.
tangle to mix, knot, or entwine, making separation or straightening difficult (often fol. by "up"). [1/7 definitions]