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bier a frame or stand on which a corpse, sometimes in a coffin, is laid prior to burial.
breadboard a board on which experimental designs for an electrical circuit may be laid out. [1/2 definitions]
buffet2 a meal at which diners help themselves to food laid out on a large table or buffet. [1/4 definitions]
constitutionalism a system of government based upon the adherence to basic laws and principles laid out in a written constitution. [1/2 definitions]
corduroy of a road, bridge, or the like, constructed of logs laid crosswise to its path. [1/6 definitions]
cornerstone a foundation stone laid at the onset of construction, sometimes carved with the date or hollowed to contain items of historical interest. [1/3 definitions]
cover something laid over or on something else to give shelter, protection, or concealment. [1/13 definitions]
devastated laid to waste; severely damaged. [1/2 definitions]
golf course a large area of land laid out with fairways, greens, hazards, and the like on which golf is played.
header a brick or stone laid across a wall so that its short end is exposed. (Cf. stretcher.) [1/5 definitions]
law the codes of conduct laid down in religious scripture. [1/6 definitions]
minefield an expanse of land or water in which mines that explode on contact have been laid.
overlay something laid down as a covering. [2/5 definitions]
pantile a curved roofing tile laid so the down curve of one tile overlaps with the up curve of the one beside it.
plain-laid of a rope, made of three strands laid together with a right-hand twist.
redundant (chiefly British) of an employee, having lost one's job as a result of an employer's lack of need; laid-off. [1/3 definitions]
roadbed the bed, as of gravel or crushed stone, on which a railway is laid. [1/2 definitions]
top dressing a layer of material laid on a ground surface, such as manure or other fertilizer over plowed land or crops.
track in sports, a path or course laid out for running or racing, often in the shape of an oval. [1/9 definitions]
trolley car a streetcar that is propelled along rails by an electric current transmitted through a trolley from a wire suspended overhead or laid in the tracks.
underlay a layer of material such as felt or rubber that is laid under another material as protection or support. [1/4 definitions]