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afferent bearing or leading toward a central organ or part, as nerves that conduct impulses to the spinal column or as veins that carry blood to the heart.
Alzheimer's disease a severe, progressive disease that causes the brain cells to degenerate, often leading to dementia.
background historical or social conditions or events leading up to, or being present during, a given situation or event. [1/5 definitions]
backward with the back part or back side foremost or leading. [1/8 definitions]
baneful causing or leading to death, destruction, or ruin; harmful or deadly.
baton a thin rod or stick used by a conductor in leading an orchestra. [1/4 definitions]
billet2 the part of a strap that passes through a buckle, or the loop or pocket that secures the leading edge of the strap. [1/4 definitions]
bracket creep (informal) an increase in income leading to one's placement in a higher tax bracket, sometimes resulting in a net decrease in income as a result of higher tax rates and inflation.
cassette a compact case for film, or audio or video tape, used to facilitate leading a camera or recorder.
commanding leading or dominating in size or position. [1/3 definitions]
companionway a stairway or ladder leading from one deck of a ship to another.
conditioned response a response elicited by repeated presentation of a stimulus not normally connected with the response together with one that is, leading the subject eventually to respond to the first stimulus when it is presented alone.
consternation surprise and alarm, leading to panic, deep disappointment, or total confusion.
cutting edge the leading position; forefront; vanguard. [1/2 definitions]
dean the senior or leading member of some group. [1/4 definitions]
demerit a mark made on a person's record because of some fault, misconduct, offense, or failure, often leading to punishment or a loss of privileges. [1/2 definitions]
diagnosis in biology, an exact description leading to a classification. [1/4 definitions]
divergence the act of separating and moving or leading in different directions. [1/2 definitions]
dominant most in control; ruling; leading. [1/4 definitions]
doorstep a step or series of steps leading up to an outside door.
echelon a formation of troops, planes, or ships in a stairstep pattern behind and to the right or left of the leading unit or craft. [1/3 definitions]