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bower1 a pleasant, secluded alcove or shelter created by leafy trees or shrubbery. [1/2 definitions]
corm a thickened underground stem acting as a storage tissue and source of new leafy shoots, as in crocuses.
crown the leafy head of a tree. [1/21 definitions]
folacin a compound found in leafy green vegetables, essential in human nutrition for the production of blood cells, amino acids, and nucleic acids, and considered to be part of the vitamin B complex.
folate a water-soluble B vitamin, found in leafy green vegetables, nuts, and legumes, that is essential for the production of blood cells, amino acids, and nucleic acids; also known as folacin, folic acid, and vitamin B9.
foliate having or covered with leaves; leafy. [1/9 definitions]
green (pl.) green, often leafy foliage or vegetables. [2/17 definitions]
maravilla a leafy wildflower having fragrant, tubular, evening-blooming flowers ranging in color from white to deep pink and found in sandy and desert areas from southern California to Mexico.
moss any of numerous small, leafy-stemmed, flowerless green plants that grow in mats on rocks, trees, and moist ground. [1/3 definitions]
riboflavin an orange to yellow member of the vitamin B complex, found in milk, meat, eggs, and dark green leafy vegetables, required in human nutrition for energy metabolism; vitamin B2.
spinach a leafy green plant widely cultivated as a vegetable.
sukkah booth (Hebrew); a temporary building roofed with leafy boughs or straw, within which meals are eaten during Sukkoth.
tent caterpillar the larva of any of several North American moths which lives collectively in tentlike webs built in leafy trees.
violet any of various stemless or leafy stemmed herbs bearing white, blue, yellow, or purple flowers. [1/3 definitions]