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angulation in skiing, a body position in which the knees and upper body lean into the hill while weight is placed on the downhill ski. [1/3 definitions]
bend to lean one's upper body, esp. from the waist (often fol. by over, forward, or back). [1/10 definitions]
fox terrier one of two breeds of English terriers with long lean heads, formerly trained to drive foxes from their holes.
hang to lean over or out of. [1/16 definitions]
heel2 to lean to one side, as a boat. [2/3 definitions]
lean2 anything that is spare or lean. [1/5 definitions]
list2 of a ship, to lean to one side. [1/2 definitions]
loll to stand, lean, or lie in a lazy or relaxed manner; lounge. [1/3 definitions]
lopsided tending to lean or droop to one side. [1/2 definitions]
prop1 to rest or lean (something) on a supporting object or surface. [1/4 definitions]
rail3 any of a number of marsh birds having brown plumage, short wings, and a lean body, found in many areas of the world.
rawboned having a bony, thinly fleshed body; gaunt; lean.
scrag a bony piece of meat, such as the lean end of a neck of mutton. [1/2 definitions]
sinewy lean, but muscularly developed. [1/2 definitions]
spare slender; lean. [1/14 definitions]
sway to move or incline to one side or direction; veer; lean. [1/11 definitions]
thin having little flesh; lean; slender. [1/10 definitions]
tilt to lean on one side or in one direction; be or become inclined or slanted. [1/7 definitions]
tip2 to lean; slant; tilt. [1/8 definitions]
topple to lean over or out as though about to fall. [1/4 definitions]