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capitol the building in which a state legislature meets. [1/3 definitions]
censure an official expression of disapproval of the actions of a member of a body such as a legislature. [1/4 definitions]
clerk an official responsible for keeping records and doing the day-to-day work of a legislature or law court. [1/4 definitions]
contempt in law, overt disrespect for or disobedience of a judge, court, or legislature. [1/3 definitions]
general assembly in some U.S. states, the state legislature. [1/3 definitions]
General Court the state legislature of Massachusetts or New Hampshire. [1/2 definitions]
joint committee a committee consisting of members from both houses of a bicameral legislature, or from two or more organizations.
joint resolution a resolution passed by both houses of a bicameral legislature.
journal a daily record of the affairs of an organization such as a legislature. [1/4 definitions]
judicial restraint judicial practice based on the belief that courts should not influence the creation of new policy or laws and that they should only interfere with the laws of the legislature when they are deemed clearly unconstitutional.
kingfish (informal) a very powerful person, esp. in a legislature or other political group. [1/2 definitions]
legislative pertaining to the passing of laws or to a legislature. [1/2 definitions]
lower house (often cap.) in a bicameral legislature, the branch that is usu. more representative and has the larger number of members.
move to make a formal request or proposal, as in a law case or in a meeting or legislature. [1/14 definitions]
plenum a general assembly or meeting, as of a legislature, with all members present. [1/3 definitions]
press gallery a section in a chamber, esp. of a legislature, reserved for members of the news media.
question a proposal requiring discussion and a vote, as in a legislature. [1/8 definitions]
ratification the act of ratifying; formal approval or sanction, esp. by a legislature. [1/2 definitions]
reconsider to consider again, as in a legislature. [1/4 definitions]
resolution a statement, decision, or course of action decided upon by a group or organization, esp. one formally adopted by a legislature. [1/8 definitions]
seat membership in an institution such as a legislature or stock exchange. [1/9 definitions]