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charitable unwilling to judge others harshly; lenient; merciful. [1/3 definitions]
clement inclined to be merciful or forgiving; lenient. [1/2 definitions]
easy not harsh or severe; lenient. [1/7 definitions]
easygoing not demanding or strict; lenient. [1/2 definitions]
lax not rigorous, strict, or careful; loose; lenient. [1/3 definitions]
lenience the tendency or disposition to be lenient.
leniency the quality or state of being lenient. [2 definitions]
lenity the condition or quality of being lenient, mild, or merciful.
make allowance (or allowances) for to be lenient toward (someone) due to knowing and understanding why a certain behavior has occurred; excuse; pardon. [1/2 definitions]
mercy kind, compassionate, and lenient treatment of someone over whom one has some power, as through the administration of justice. [1/3 definitions]
permissive allowing much, often excessive, freedom of behavior; lenient. [1/2 definitions]
relent to become milder, more sympathetic, or more lenient. [1/2 definitions]
soft not strict; lenient. [1/12 definitions]
soft-boiled (informal) lenient, soft-hearted, or sentimental. (Cf. hard-boiled.) [1/2 definitions]
sparing lenient, merciful, or forbearing. [1/3 definitions]