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comatose not alert or lively; lethargic. [1/2 definitions]
draggy dull, slow-moving, lethargic, or monotonous.
drowsy resulting from or characterized by a sleepy or lethargic condition. [2/3 definitions]
hebetude the condition or quality of being dull or lethargic, esp. in mind; listlessness.
lethargize to make lethargic; bring into a state of lethargy.
listless feeling or showing no energy or no interest in doing anything; lethargic.
logy tired and unenergetic; sluggish; lethargic.
sodden lethargic or unimaginative; dull. [1/5 definitions]
supine disinclined toward action; lethargic. [1/2 definitions]
torpid drowsy or slow-moving; lethargic; apathetic. [1/2 definitions]