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brown-bag to bring (liquor) in a brown paper bag into an establishment that does not have a liquor license. [1/3 definitions]
credential (usu. pl.) evidence of such entitlement, usu. in writing, such as a document, license, certificate, or letter of recommendation. [1/2 definitions]
document a written or printed paper, often of a legal or official nature, that provides information, evidence, or proof of something, such as a birth certificate or marriage license. [2/4 definitions]
expiration a coming to formal termination, as in the case of a contract, license, or the like. [1/2 definitions]
identification a means of proving one's identity, such as a driver's license or passport. [1/3 definitions]
imprimatur an official license to print or publish, esp. one issued by the Roman Catholic censor. [1/2 definitions]
interlope to enter into an area of business, esp. trade, without a license. [1/2 definitions]
license to grant a license to or for; formally and officially permit. [1/5 definitions]
licensee one to whom a license is given or issued.
licentiate a person who has been granted a license to practice a specified profession. [1/3 definitions]
number plate (chiefly British) a metal tag or plate displayed on a motor vehicle and bearing a registration number that qualifies the vehicle as legal to drive on public highways and roads; license plate.
permit a written statement that authorizes or allows certain conduct or activity; license. [1/5 definitions]
point system a system of penalizing drivers a certain number of points for each traffic offense, a driver's license being suspended when a certain total is reached. [1/4 definitions]
publican the proprietor of a pub (public house), who holds the license to sell alcoholic beverages. [1/2 definitions]
registration number (chiefly British) the registered set of numbers and letters found on the license plates of a vehicle; license plate number.
relicense combined form of license.
road test a test of a person's driving skill that is conducted, in normal traffic, by an official examiner, esp. as a requirement for a driver's license. [1/2 definitions]
sublicense combined form of license.
ticket a license or other certificate, as of a pilot or ship's captain. [1/10 definitions]
vanity plate a car license plate with letters and numbers chosen by the owner rather than assigned by the state.